Mite Guard Rx - Allergy Protective Bedding System

Designed in Australia, Mite Guard Rx pillow, quilt and mattress protectors are arguably the best product on the market for protection against ever present dust mites. In clinical studies and trials the use of bedding protectors such as Mite Guard Rx, have shown a dramatic reduction in the problems associated with dust mites and their allergens. Mite Guard Rx protectors are breathable and comfortable bedding, ensuring not only protection, but also giving you every chance of a good night's sleep.

Pillows are available on request. Call us Toll free on: 1800 688 148 to place an order.

Mite Guard Rx Completely Encases Your Bedding

Mite Guard Rx protectors are designed to completely encase your pillow, quilt and mattress, forming a physical barrier between you, dust mites and their allergens. All Mite Guard Rx protectors are designed to be used with normal bed linen fitted on top. You can even use quilts and pillows with natural fillings such as wool and feathers, as Mite Guard Rx protectors completely encases them and their contents.

If you prefer to opt for maximal protection, the MiteGuard Rx range also includes standard pillows, all made with high tech ProTex fabric.


Asthma Foundation of Wa Inc

Mite Guard Rx

Mite Guard Rx products are available for purchase at the Asthma Foundation of WA. Did you know that an asthma educator is on hand 8.30am - 5.00pm Mon - Fri to answer queries about dust mites and managing your or your children's asthma in person, over the phone or via email. THIS IS A FREE SERVICE. Please call 08 9289 3600 or 1800 645 130, or email:

The Mite Guard Rx Seal of Quality

Choose Mite Guard Rx for products that are:

  • Economical - You can still use your own linen
  • Safe & Efficient - Clinically proven
  • Unique Design - With ProTex
  • Practical - Easy to maintain & long lasting